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The text of his message this evening. 6. The Gospel assures us that the young man who went to meet Jesus was very rich. We may understand this wealth not only on the material level. Youth itself is a singular […]

Fr. Stephanos, OSB on "When Paradise was Purgatory" – anti-Catholic discrimination in Hawaii: In 1820, Congregationalist Protestants from New England were the first Christian missionaries to arrive in Hawaii. In April 1824, the queen regent Kaahumanu publicly acknowledged her embrace […]

I’ve been listening, fairly regularly, to the BBC4 radio program In Our Time. Each week, host Melvyn Bragg gathers three scholars on a given subject, and they have a usually fascinating and very educational conversation. You can download each episode […]

Dom’s got it figured out. My head hurts.

Maclin Horton watched it and summarizes. Your thoughts?

Why do Evangelicals convert to Catholicism? An interesting and fair-minded blog post. On the video front – A new edition of "That Catholic Show" is up – another well-done ep, focusing on candles and light this time. From some seminarians […]

This will be a massive links post. The links are not related, so don’t attempt to draw any dots. As I’ve said before, I don’t expect to do much more than this for a few weeks. Well, I take that […]