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History scares some. Reading books about history after you’ve left school scares them even more. It shouldn’t. If you’re a person who’s trying to understand the Church today in all its rather breathtaking variety, in the midst of changes that […]

Today, in the General Audience, Benedict continued his adult ed catechesis on the Church Fathers, moving on to Inrenaeus, the great Bishop of Lyons, who is one of our primary sources for information about early heresies. From AsiaNews: As a […]

An acquaintance in Rome tells us that the big topic of conversation over there right now is the Pope’s speech last Saturday to a conference organized by the  council of European bishops on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of […]

LATimes on the conflict over the cathedraL Spanish Catholics are of mixed minds about whether Muslims should be allowed to pray at La Mezquita. "Sure, let them — the day I can pray in a mosque," Luis Recio Mateo, 61, […]

A reader wrote in and recommended I highlight a recent blog post from the always excellent Aimee Milburn of Historical Christianity. Well, Here it is – a post in which Aimee gives good, practical suggestions for developing spiritual discernment and […]

Just a couple of notes recently received from kind readers who took the time to email and let me know that they appreciated books mentioned here: At the beginning of the year I prayed for the gift of silence.  The […]

…to the post following this one. A subject that comes up in the Catholic blogosphere a lot runs sort of like this: A. The Roman Catholic Church claims to be the one, true Church of Jesus Christ. B. The Roman […]

AT First Things, Jordan Hylden sums up the most recent developments: Not all conservatives have reached the point of giving up. But there is no way to escape from the conclusion that it will not be long before they will […]

The San Francisco Chronicle is running a three-part series on the closure of St. Brigid parish downtown, a process that was initiated more than a decade ago, and fought by parishioners who questioned the Archdiocese’s reasoning for closing their parish. […]

John Allen has conclusions: After recent travels in Africa and Central America, I’ve come to two conclusions about Catholicism in the global south as opposed to the north. First, low Mass attendance rates in the north are generally an index […]