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John Allen has conclusions: After recent travels in Africa and Central America, I’ve come to two conclusions about Catholicism in the global south as opposed to the north. First, low Mass attendance rates in the north are generally an index […]

A very nice profile. I’m not kidding. (With a bit of a political angle, but that’s okay. ) It gives us a good quote: "I used to be a liberal, if liberal means concern for the other guy,” Father Groeschel […]

The rumors are heating up that the famed and legendary Motu Proprio on the "freeing" of the 1962 Missal is on its way this week or Holy Thursday at the latest. This, added to everything else, From Fr. Z. Update: […]

Cleaning out the emailbox… Nice piece from on finding echoes of Flannery O’Connor in Jerusalem John McMullen is a theology teacher at Mater Dei High School in Evansville who has now published two books of historical fiction, inspired by […]

The whole Popcak clan to meet and bring home their new daughter and sister, 13-month old Liliana Faith: We fly to Chongquing on Palm Sunday.  We hope to see the carvings of DaZu while we are there, and if possible […]