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My daughter just completed a massive project on Charles I  – she had to read a book – I can’t remember who the author was, but I know that the teacher gave them all a reading comprehension test and then […]

One of my complaints about EWTN has always been that I think they could do a much better job of highlighting liturgical life across the US, not just in Birmingham and the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in DC. Yes, […]

Members of the Catholic Peace Fellowship traveled to Rome recently. John Thavis of CNS reports: The group was heartened last fall when Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the new Vatican secretary of state, gave his inaugural address to the diplomatic corps and […]

Truly. From Honduras (still) John Allen profiles a remarkable woman, Franciscan Sr. Maria Rosa Leggol, founder of the Sociedad Amigos de los Niños. My proof of her notoriety? My cab driver in Tegucigalpa could name Leggol and the cardinal as […]

It’s the Tablet’s lead article In 1789, the year of the French Revolution, William Wilberforce started advocating the abolition of slavery. Results were long in coming, but he persevered – perhaps endowed with Yorkshire stubbornness – until in 1807 the […]

Dorian Speed notes the authors included at her local Barnes and Noble "Easter is Coming" display. She concludes: Why don’t they just scrawl "SUCKAHS!" underneath the "Easter is Coming" banner and be done with it?

This week, the story from LA has concerned apparent differences between what Cardinal Mahony told the people of the Archdiocese and what he told the Vatican about an abusing priest. (At least he told the truth to the Vatican, which […]

A statement from the USCCB: The document Statement Concerning Two Pamphlets Published by Professor Daniel Maguire was developed by the Committee on Doctrine of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).  It was approved by the Administrative Committee of […]

John Allen, on an answer to the Pentecostals in Honduras: Had someone called central casting in a Hollywood studio and asked for a Catholic look-alike of the magnetic Pentecostal preachers today marching across Latin America, they could not have done […]

With all due respect, what the rector of the Pontifical Biblical Institute says here just doesn’t help. Academics, more often than not, living in that hothouse of theirs, have a tendency to grow new sets of ears that tune out […]