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Don’t have any confirmation, but, for what it’s worth, from the Fessio Post down below: The latest word from AMU is that Fr. Fessio and the administration have come to an agreement and that he will remain at AMU in […]

Mike Aquilina has some things to say about Smithsonian Magazine’s cover piece on ancient Alexandria: I was thrilled to see the cover story in April’s Smithsonian. “Wonders of Alexandria: Rediscovering the Fabled City of Cleopatra,” reads the headline below a […]

What a sad turn – Elizabeth Edwards’ cancer has re-appaeared  – in her bones. This is serious, but not an immediate, short term death sentence. One of my closest friends in Florida has spent the past 10+ years battling various […]

Clean out time. Perhaps one or more of these links will interest you folks: At Rome of the West – a great blog dedicated to documenting the historcial life of the Roman Catholic Church in St. Louis – a post […]

In case you didn’t know it, the House of Bishops for the Episcopal Church met in Texas over the past week, and decided that the recent communique from Dar es Salaam wasn’t their cup of tea. From the official statement: […]

….in Sao Paulo: Pope Benedict XVI named a new archbishop for the Archdiocese of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest see. The Vatican announced the appointment of Auxiliary Bishop Odilo Pedro Scherer of Sao Paulo in a March 21 statement. The 57-year-old […]