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January 1, 1970 Archives

I meant to start this thread last week, but I forgot. So…what is Lent like in your parish Masses? How are the RCIA rites being handled? Music? Preaching? Scrutinies? Didn’t seem them this week, but last week prayed with the […]

Yesterday, the Pope was part of a Mass in St. Peter’s for Movimento Apostolico Ciechi  – or "The Movement for the Blind." From the photos, it doesn’t appear to me that he celebrated the Mass – it looks like Cardinal […]

Today, the Pope began his day with a visit to the Casal del Marmo juvenile detention facility in Rome. His homily during the Mass there was extemporaneous, so it will take a while for a full text to be available. […]

You’re invited to check out the website Celtic Prayer and the blog Anamchara, both dedicated to Celtic spirituality. "Anamchara"… It’s the Celtic word for "soul friend" and this is the place to talk about Roman Catholicism, Celtic Spirituality, Tolkien, Lewis, […]