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Works of Mercy in the Philippines: A housing project to shelter poor families in the village of Buntala in the Philippine Archdiocese of Jaro is the objective of a new movement, called “People power”. Drawing together rich and poor alike, […]

Do a "Find on this page" search on Ian Fisher’s NYTimes article on the Exhortation. Look for the words "Eucharist" or even "Communion" in the piece. Let me know when you find them….I’ll be waiting here in Shangri-La. The never […]

…for 4:30 AM, if you really want to. You can then watch Pope Benedict’s visit to Casal del Marmo, Rome’s juvenile penitentiary. He will visit and say Mass.  It will be broadcast on EWTN and via the Vatican television service, […]

In pondering matters liturgical, and the interplay between the now and then, past and present, universality and adaptability and the way in which blinders get so stubbornly attached…for all of us…I was struck by a quote from Nabokov, pulled out […]

Last Sunday, I took Katie to a production of The Merchant of Venice at the small, yet established (30+ years) and high-quality First Presbyterian Theater downtown. She had three friends in the production, plus…why not? The production was simple and […]

For the Roving Medievalist, (a wonderful blog)  who is, according to his own lights, "not doing well."

…and you hit a Mass in which you get not one, not two, but three homilies. (At the "greeting," (3 minutes), at homily time (20 minutes) and at the end of Mass (7 minutes or so. Which includes introduction of […]

From the Primate of all Ireland Archbishop Sean Brady: In memory of our most revered Father in the Lord Jesus, Patrick, Apostle to the Irish People, I hope that these words of mine may somehow touch the hearts of all […]