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Tim Drake on novelist Dean Koontz in NCR(egister) Koontz’ books — more than 50 to date — often feature ordinary people facing extraordinary evil. It’s a theme Koontz draws from his own life, as he was raised by a father […]

Today is the feast of Sts. Perpetua and Felicity – the account of their martyrdom is found here. More: Of the several authentic accounts of early Christian martyrdom that have been preserved, none is so detailed as that of Saints […]

Today’s General Audience: By praying for the civil authorities, even when they are persecuted by them, Christians follow Christ’s teaching on the cross and recognise the legitimacy of the political institutions. But “Cesar is not everything, another sovereignty emerges” born […]

People sometimes think that once you’ve answered the call, entering religious life is a piece of cake. Not so. Religious communities don’t accept potential members unless they are free from worldly ties, responsibilities and burdens. Including…student loans. One blogger is […]

The Church Music Association of America is pulling together a fun Frappr map of Gregorian Scholas across the land. One of those scholas is located at the parish pastored by the new bishop of St. Charles. FYI. The CMAA website […]

Canonist Ed Peters has an interesting column exploring an answer given to a question in the "God Squad" Q & A column . It’s worth a read because of what Ed has to clarify about the nature of the Eucharist […]

Every year, at the enormous Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, Cardinal Mahony has participated in an online chat – two, in recent years, one with schoolchildren, and the other with adults. Here’s the transcript of the latter. Some excerpts: James: […]

What Books People who Read Amy’s Open Book blog and Michael’s Annunciation blog are buying this month. March 2007 (3/3/07) 1. A Pocket Guide to the Meaning of Life (A Pocket Guide to) 2. The Roman Catholic Church: An Illustrated […]

This via Lucy at City of Steeples: The charity for February, the month of the Holy Family, was Children Waiting Everywhere. It is a charity extremely close to my heart, because it is run by my godmother, in conjunction with […]