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A Protestant writes in CT of discovering an ancient Christian prayer – the Sign of the Cross. Christians of a variety of traditions have begun to discover the beauty and meaning of this ancient act. Protestant objections to the sign […]

The book by the Polish priest on Catholic clerical collaboration with the Polish Communist regime, that is. John Allen: Zalewski identifies thirty other clerics as onetime informants, among them four bishops. Yet he also names a number of prominent Polish […]

So the NYPost entitles an article about the rapid final closure of a parish: Egan’s spokesman last week had said that although the small church was slated to close – because of dwindling attendance, a crumbling roof and the fact […]

I am going to spend a few days casually blogging on this book. Habits of Devotion is a collection of four essays on the transformation of American  Catholic life during the course of the 20th century  in four areas: Prayer, […]

I was away from my desk (aka couch) this morning, first at the Y (where that skinny guy with a Notre Dame sweatshirt who reminds me so much of an old biology-teaching/cross-country coaching colleague just runs laps and laps around […]

NYTribute to Frances Kissling, stepping down from headship of Catholics for Free Choice. The only refreshing point of the article is that it actually states, right there in black and white: Its $3 million budget is largely financed by well-known […]

…for the Bettinellis, who lost a baby through miscarriage. Melanie shares here. God bless them all. and for Alicia the Midwife’s daughter and yet-to-be born granddaughter.

I learned about this book via the Amazon list "Things to read and watch before you go to Rome" compiled by the Cranky Professor himself (who is leading another semester in Rome in 2008). It’s a good one – a […]

Our Bestseller’s List What Books People who Read Amy’s Open Book blog and Michael’s Annunciation blog are Buying February 2007 (2/24/2007) 1. The Power of the Cross: Meditations for the Lenten Season 2. The How-To Book of the Mass: Everything […]

(Will be added to throughout the day as I clean out the emailbox. Michael the Baby is home today. He had a bad day yesterday – feverish, restless, he gets a "stay home day" today) Heidi Hess Saxton has […]