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January 1, 1970 Archives

Got ourselves a "level 2" emergency here, as in, they’ll give you a ticket if you’re out on the road. Well, now…that’s a first. For me, at least. Even though the volume of snow here isn’t at Upstate NY levels, […]

There’s still time to head to Auburn, Alabama to their wonderful (I hear) Sacred Music Workshop, sponsored by St. Michael’s Church. The schedule: FRIDAY, February 16, 2007 1:00pm Welcome and Registration 2:00pm Polyphony Workshop, Scott Turkington Director 3:00pm Coffee and […]

And the Pope’s message for Lent has been released: Focused on the theme “They will look on the one whom they have pierced” (Jn 19:37), the document highlights how God’s love is both “agape” – “the oblative love of he […]

At First Things, Michael Linton has a very thoughtful assessment of Alexandra Pelosi’s HBO program on evangelicals: We scoff at Shirley MacLaine running into the surf and joyfully shouting “I am God, I am God!” But when Haggard boasts about […]