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The author of this article in AsiaNews sees small glimmers of hope in Trabzon, Turkey – the site of the murder of Italian priest Don Andreo Sanotoro on February 5, 2006 (as well as the hometown of the murderer of […]

Well, not really. But an article crying out to be written, and one that will be completely enjoyable to anyone with knowledge of the Sunshine State. The graphic tells the story: (click for a larger version) The story: IT takes […]

Thanks to those of you who passed on The lovely piece by Lawrence Downes in the NYTimes today on his travels to south Georgia: Andalusia was a working dairy farm run by Flannery’s mother, Regina, who as a prominent widow […]

We’ll no doubt see much discussion of this forthcoming book: Jesus in the Talmud. From Publishers’ Weekly: Will Peter Schaefer’s new book, Jesus in the Talmud (Mar.), be controversial? "I’m afraid so," Schaefer told RBL. "That’s why I’m nervous." His […]