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…from a source with, er…knowledge. Terry McAuliffe’s application for the Knights of Malta was "withdrawn." The Knights office in DC was flooded with emails and calls – and, I’d expect, many of them from the good Knights and Dames themselves. 

To the Popcak family, who received word today that the process of adopting their new baby from China is in its final stages: Lilianna Fu Zhang Popcak Significance of Her Name: Lily—Lilianna will be coming home around Easter.  The lily […]

…is Milingo? Back to school! Mgr Emmanuel Milingo is in Seoul to study the religion of the Unification Church, founded by the Rev Moon Sun-myung. Excommunicated in September of last year for ordaining four Catholic bishops, Milingo showed up at […]

There’s a lot of discussion and (justifiable) fretting out there about why people leave the Cathoilc Church. It’s a discussion we’ve had here, and will continue to have. But I want this thread to be something different, something I don’t […]

Stephen Barr responds at First Things: While I agree with the general sentiment of Fr. Edward Oakes’ observations yesterday concerning the invidious or vituperative use of the word heresy, I feel that he is turning into a matter of sentiment […]

Some of you have heard of the Paraguayan bishop who resigned to run for presidential office. In an interesting next step, the Vatican has maintained its suspension of him, but refused his petition for laicization. And since he then remains […]

One of the things that I’ve not blogged on is the Italain journalist posing as a penitent in the confession and getting varied advice from priests. That link takes you to the Get Religion post on the story. My take? […]

There’s a lot going on that I’ve not blogged on, mostly because I’m working on things. If you see the "progress" bar over there, you see that I’ve surpassed by initial estimated word count. That estimate was based on 14 […]

This link to yesterday’s WSJ story on the Church and China will be live for a few more days, so check it out. As Beijing and the Vatican escalate their battle for control of the Roman Catholic Church in China, […]

Using the currently empty see of Kinshasa as a starting point, John Allen looks at growth trends in the global Catholic population: The post has been vacant since the January 6 death of Cardinal Frédéric Etsou-Nzabi-Bamungwabi, who was 76. Etsou […]