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Hey, I’m shutting down comments until after Christmas. I will be posting here and there – I have a couple of book reviews I really want to get done – but closing down comments means one less thing to do […]

The Knights of Columbus have two nice spots. One here The other – an appeal to help children in need – here.

Among his many other gifts, talents and offerings, Chris Johnson presents a simple primer for those of you who want to include HTML tags in your comments, but don’t know how. How to link, italicize, bold, etc.

Monastic scuffling. THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) — Two groups of monks clashed on Wednesday at a monastery facility in Mt. Athos, resulting in at least seven injuries, police said. Fighting broke out between a group of rebel monks occupying facilities of […]

I wrote this for NRO last year. A couple of months ago, my oldest son told me that he’d been surfing the net around Christmas last year, reading things, and came upon this piece. He started reading and thought, "This […]

What are your favorites? Terry Teachout lists his favorite recordings Michael Linton talks Messiah over at First Things Me? My favorite Christmas-themed music tends to the medieval, the Renaissance, the Appalachian-tinged, and of course, (Click, if you like. Stay away […]

In the WaPo, Harold Myerson takes on the bigotry of the NoVa breakaway Episcopalians. By being totally non-bigoted and open-minded himself. The alliance of the Fairfax Phobics with Archbishop Restaurant Monitor is just the latest chapter in the global revolt […]

Good stuff on various points of interest from Vatican Radio: Random interviews with pilgrims in St. Peter’s as to why they are in Rome for Christmas Cardinal Stafford, the Major Penitentiary, who gave such an interesting talk at the USCCB […]

Take it! Via a really interesting website – a valuable resource called Mary Meets Dolly: A Catholic’s Guide to Genetics, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

Every day is full of them: Discovery, Day 1: The little one is discovered in the bathtub with his big brother. Trouble is, the little one already had his bath and had been dressed in his pajamas. Discovery Day 2: […]