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Kevin from Ohiol sends along two photos that brought the importance of small moments to mind: In the amber gloom of an almost-empty St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church in Cleveland’s Slavic Village, the slightest noise reverberates up into the shadowy […]

From Christianity Today: For Conservative Christian groups, this year’s hot gift is a weapon for fighting back in the "War on Christmas," be it a button, a bumper sticker or a memo with advice to the troops. The Mississippi-based American […]

…from Brandon in the comments below. The joy of the world as God created it is that not only do the little things point to and affect the big things, but even the littlest thing has a value that the […]

Oh, such a little thing. Well, life is made up of little things, isn’t it? The tone in which you greet the people you say you love, even when you don’t feel loving. The care with which you prepare a […]

More on the canonization progress announced earlier this week: By Benedict XVI’s decision the Church will soon canonize four more saints and proclaim 78 new blessed. On Saturday, in a private audience to Cardinal José Saraiva Martins, prefect of the […]

This past Sunday, during the Angleus, Pope Benedict drew attention to the plight of refugees, particularly Iraqi refugees in Syria. Today AsiaNews runs a story about such refugees, reporting from Syria, Turkey and Jordan: UNHCR said there are around 500,000 […]

The American bishop of a Bolivian vicarate reflects on the challenges of his ministry, and the profound needs of the people whom he serves. For Bishop Morgan Casey, pastoral visits can mean long hours bouncing over rutted dirt roads or […]

It was announced that Bishop Ryan of Monterey has resigned because of the age limit, and Bishop Robert Garcia, auxiliary of Sacramento,  was named to replace him. Born in 1947, studied at St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park, ordained in […]