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Bookstore is still open and will be until Monday night. Then I’ll just close it down until after Christmas, and we can start thinking First Communion and such. So…a reminder. NO more Loyola Kids Book of Saints. I only have […]

…to vote for Rachel Balducci’s "Testosterhome" blog for "Best Parenting Blog" at the 2006 Weblog Awards. I assume voting ends at 12 midnight…sometime. Pacific time would be most fair, I guess, but hurry up and vote anyway!

From VIS: Today, Benedict XVI received His Beatitude Antonios Naguib Patriarch of Alexandria for Catholic Copts who is officially visiting the Holy See for the first time since his election in March of this year. In his French address, the […]

TIME says it’s ambiguous: (Haven’t seen it, so I can’t judge) It is only at the very end that Christianity makes a brief but portentous appearance, aboard a fleet of Spanish ships that appears suddenly on the horizon. JP and […]

Robert Duncan of Spero News comments: He takes a broad look at the activities and priorities of the government, and this item is just one of many that leapt out at me: With the country becoming increasingly dependant upon immigration […]

Teresa Polk has done the great service of translating in the English the Common Declaration signed by the Pope and Christodoulos, the Orthodox Archbishop of Athens One sidebar to the meeting: In his first official visit to the Vatican, Archbishop […]

Interesting: Catholic author and speaker Matthew Kelly’s foundation has been denied exemption from property taxes by the state of Ohio: In recent years, the Kelly Foundation has been engaged in a program to give the Australian writer’s books to students […]

Nothing on the Vatican website yet, but the secular news media is reporting: Pope Benedict XVI’s personal preacher asked the pontiff Friday to declare a day of fasting and penance to publicly declare repentance and express solidarity with the victims […]

A simple story from the Tablet, but strangely moving and not-so-strangely hopeful – about the resurgence of the Catholic Church in Suffolk – for the usual reasons, who come from all over. And they were not alone. Every Sunday 14 […]

A writer reflects on her 2005 visit, in the Tablet: The benefit of staying in Bethlehem is being able to choose the time (from 5 a.m. to nightfall) to meditate and pray at the Church of the Nativity, to linger […]