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Cute stuff from the KC Catholic.

A former client of George Tiller in Wichita was on O’Reilly Tuesday night, speaking out about her late-term abortion experience. We pray that her witness might change some hearts and save some lives.

I hope Father Elijah doesn’t mind, but I’m pulling this great comment from the East-West thread below, because I know not everyone reads comments – but a lot of you might find this helpful. Thank you, Father, for taking the […]

Here’s a creative use of the internet. From a reader: In what may be a first for one of the Church’s public policy arms, Jeff Caruso, Executive Director of the Virginia Catholic Conference, is holding a live blog to discuss […]

Archbishop Christodoulos and Pope Benedict, today. The VIS report: This morning, the Holy Father received His Beatitude Christodoulos, archbishop of Athens and of all Greece, who is making an official visit to the Vatican. Prior to his audience with the […]

A story from Spero News about children of certain tribes and regions in Angola being accused of witchcraft by their parents and bearing the consequences: Jonas is a survivor of a disturbing trend that has emerged in Angola in recent […]

Catholic bishops play a role: Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo and the United Nations-backed transitional government Prime Minister Charles Konan Banny met face-to-face behind closed doors late on Wednesday for the first time after last month’s public showdown, an official […]

I have a couple of orders to fill, that will be mailed later today, after Michael the Baby has his time with The Ladies. If you’d like some books, go explore the bookstore. I AM CURRENTLY OUT OF THE SAINTS […]

A donation from the Vatican: The sum of one million euros collected from members of the dioceses of Munich, Regensburg and Passau during the visit of Benedict XVI in September, will be donated in the pope’s name to the Custodian […]

John Allen has an invaluable piece on a recently deceased Cardinal – and the priest who inspired him to take a stand. The story Allen tells is interesting enough in its own right (even as it is somewhat depressing), but […]