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January 1, 1970 Archives

Daniel Radosh writes in The New Yorker about Bible sales – focusing on the Protestant market, and mostly on Thomas Nelson. To those who follow publishing, there’s nothing much new – the Bible continues to be the best-selling book in […]

In our probably fruitless war against the Midwest Winter Sludge, Katie and I are trying to go to the YMCA as often as possible. It’s the first year in many that she’s not played a sport during this time of […]

At San Juan Capistrano: Susan Hibbert wanted to light a candle and say a prayer Sunday at the Mission San Juan Capistrano’s Serra Chapel for her husband, a U.S. Army medic soon to be deployed in Iraq. But she was […]

A commentor at WDTPRS has the text and a translation of an ANSA news item about this morning’s Ecclesia Dei meeting – (I can’t find it on the ANSA website, but I’m sure I just don’t know where to look). […]

Do go read Mark Shea on the Seattle Airport Holiday Debacle. Mark at his best. It couldn’t be that the state just, like, acknowledge that a couple of important religious traditions in the US are having an annual celebration and […]

A conference: A meeting began in the Vatican for national directors who oversee the pastoral care of Gypsies. The meeting, which opened today, is focusing on relations with the itinerant population that numbers 36 million worldwide, half of them in […]

The Vatican released a statement on the Holocaust-denying conference in Iran. Translated by Teresa Benedetta With regard to a current conference on the Holocaust in Tehran, the Holy See reiterates its position expressed in the document of the Commission for […]

One of Milingo’s ordinands gives an interview with the Rochester paper. At least the man is forthright and isn’t trying to fool anyone- you have to give him that. However, note the unasked question here – "Will you be saying […]

A reminder: signed books make nice gifts! Getting those orders in soon would be most helpful! Bokstore Link. Let’s see…for today…the Prove It books. Apologetics books for youth and young adults the table of contents of each available here. BTW, […]

Over the past weekend, the Pope, of course, delivered his Angelus address. Earlier in the day, he had consecrated a new church in Rome –  Holy Mary Star of Evangelization, in the Torrino neighborhood. None of the words he spoke […]