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Today, there was a press conference at the Vatican regarding St. Paul’s tomb at St.-Paul-Outside-the-Walls. Fr. Z was there had some interesting observations – including his account of what is being reported as a Cardinal "belittling" reporters , what relics […]

Michael’s looking for input on a book he’s doing w/Fr. Groeschel. The responses so far have been very helpful, he says. Books for Sale! The bookstores is still open, and this week woulld really be the best week to order […]

John Allen lays out the connections and probable motivations. This tissue of connections between Moon, the Unification Movement, African-American clergy, and the broader spread of Moon’s message helps explain why the Vatican has taken the Milingo phenomenon more seriously than […]

Shawn at TLM reports on what a French paper is saying: The Ecclesia Dei commission is meeting tomorrow on the whole subject. Benedict XVI shortens the timelines [?] for the reconciliation of the followers Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. The Commission, “Ecclesia […]

Warning: Messy, free-ranging post ahead. Last week, Bishop Paul Loverde issued a pastoral letter on pornography. We stand at a threshold – either we can continue to allow this plague to spread with fewer and fewer checks, or we can […]

Second Sunday of Advent edition! We attended the traditionally German parish with the efficient liturgies – a priest whose picture is next to "Low Key" in the dictionary, a fabulous organist but a music minister (the organist? I really don’t […]

Cardinal Zen with more to say: The diocese of Hong Kong is preparing to appeal against the dismissal by the Court of First Instance of a judicial review of the government’s school management reforms. This was revealed yesterday by Cardinal […]

Who saw it? What did you think? The American Papist has a lengthy review Anthony Lane in the New Yorker: Apocalypto” is a pathological work of art. It is neither gratuitous nor casual; Gibson is not trying out an idea […]

15 months later, the Mississippi coast has a ways to go: Bendas, who has been working with the Biloxi diocese, said he is always struck by the devastation that remains. "I don’t know why people suddenly think everything is OK […]

Rector released Fr Samy Al Raiys (photo), rector of the major seminary of the Chaldean Patriarchate in Baghdad, has been released after six days in captivity. The news about his release was published on the official internet site of the […]