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Check out the Catholic Homeschooling Carnival for lots of great links, including many that are Advent-related.

I’m off to Chicago. If you’re there, come see me at Mary of Angels tonight or around noon at the Daughters of St. Paul bookstore tomorrow. Comments closed!

Sandro Magister: On the feast of saint Andrew, Benedict XVI entered the Blue Mosque in Istanbul with the cross of Jesus clearly visible upon his chest. He paused before the mihrab facing Mecca, and prayed in silence beside the grand […]

Fr. Z notes the Ecumenical Patriarch’s homily yesterday and annotates it. The homily was on liturgy – its definition and power.  The homily, whether purposefully or not, highlights a division between Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy less frequently noted than issues […]

Steve Gushee is a columnist for the Palm Beach Post. He’s also an Episcopal priest and wrote a couple of columns last year, one sneering at the Terry Schiavo case and the other sneering at DVC concern, that prompted me […]

When I posted that article about Bishop Flores of Detroit a couple of days ago, I noted to myself the odd way the article ended – a few paragraphs about Hispanics leaving the Catholic Church. Other readers noted it as […]

Tell me what it’s like…got a decision to make…

At the Papa Ratzinger Forum, Teresa B. translates a report: "This trip took place in utmost serenity," he said. "At every step, I saw how the authorities had done everything possible (to make it safe) and how the citizens cooperated […]

John Allen tries to sort through the whole EU thing, using William Donohue’s blast of the reporting on the matter as a jumping off point. Yesterday, William Donohue of the Catholic League issued a statement blasting the press coverage, calling […]

The Pope’s homily today, from the Mass celebrated at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Istanbul (originally delivered in French) Gathered this morning in this house of prayer consecrated to the Lord, how can we not evoke the other […]