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The Common Declaration: As far as relations between the Church of Rome and the Church of Constantinople are concerned, we cannot fail to recall the solemn ecclesial act effacing the memory of the ancient anathemas which for centuries had a […]

The ordination of new auxiliary Daniel E. Flores. A short profile in the Detroit News For Flores, whose manner and resume provide evidence of an educated, spiritual man, the weight of the hopes is not entirely daunting. "The hopes of […]

…to keep records sealed. Doc drop in Fort Worth diocese. Summaries of the priests’ files are here. The Magaldi case gets the most space, and deservedly so.  You’ve seen it before – a lot of "inappropriate" behavior – some even […]

Pope Benedict is now meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew – it’s in the context of a prayer service. He’s speaking in English, so you can catch it on any of the live feeds I’ve linked in previous posts. A fairly standard […]

(Photo from PRF) John Allen reports: On a beautiful fall afternoon on a Turkish hillside, Pope Benedict XVI, Supreme Pontiff of the 1.1 billion-strong Roman Catholic Church, metamorphasized into a simple country pastor, celebrating an outdoor Mass for no more […]

Pope and Patriarch A Flickr Page from contributers to the Pope and Patriarch Blog Jim Geraghty at NRO It is unlikely that Turkey will have a warm-and-fuzzy attitude towards Christianity in our lifetime; or at least not for a while […]

There’s a Gregorian Chant workshop at the Cathedral this coming Saturday, underwritten by the Archdiocese, so there’s no charge!

They’re not up on the Vatican website yet, but trusty Vatican Radio has transcripts of both, as well as reports on the visit so far.

Allen: Yet in his later address to the diplomatic corps in Turkey, Benedict returned to the two themes which have formed the core of his message to Muslims: the need to reject terrorism, and the need for “reciprocity,” meaning religious […]

The Pope is speaking to the group with the President of Religoius Affairs. I mention it because he’s speaking in ENGLISH and you can watch and listen and not have to wait days for a translation…. The Vatican television link. […]