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January 1, 1970 Archives

Both via New Liturgical Movement. First, a parish in Vancouver really putting serious effort into sacred music: The Montreal-born Jarvis has many years of experience in sacred church music as a performer and conductor. He has toured various countries, including […]

Damian Thompson has a lively interpretation of this week’s Anglican-RC dialogue, with some speculation about Dr. Williams’ future: Dr Rowan Williams’s first official encounter with a Pope was a sad affair: he had to lean close to John Paul II […]

The visit begins on Tuesday, so coverage will slowly be ramping up. First, from AsiaNews: It is no secret that the Turkish people have little liking for Benedict XVI. The Turks, sorry to say, do not like Pope Ratzinger. And […]

Zadok’s got his I don’t think they’re order-able from over here. But maybe you can figure it out if you want. They’re already on Ebay – in the auction that will end in a few hours, at this point, the […]

The Pope spoke to employees of the Vatican Museums last night: Yesterday evening, in the Hall of Blessings in the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace, Benedict XVI received directors and employees of the Vatican Museums, which this year are celebrating their fifth […]

The Missionaries of Charity run a home for unwed mothers in Chicago – the Tribune reports: But the Missionaries of Charity home in Chicago doesn’t take any federal or church aid. "The sisters have faith that donations will come in," […]

Challenge #1: Admitting the truth, deciding to live in the now, and finally picking up some reading glasses. On your son’s second birthday, you note with rueful irony. Challenge #2: Not losing said reading glasses at least 3 times a […]

The reviews for The Nativity Story are starting to come in and Peter Chattaway notes reviewers are already getting themselves tied in knots, theology-wise. People: Immaculate Conception: the belief that Mary was redeemed by God, i.e. preserved from original sin […]