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So unusual, I know. Here, in a convenient, easy-to-read place, is a translation of the excerpts from the preface to the Pope’s book on Jesus. I have felt the need to give readers these indications of a methodological character so […]

Sandro Magister looks at some communications problems: Context: Pope Joseph Ratzinger doesn’t use a computer – he writes in his miniscule handwriting the addresses and homilies most important to him, or dictates them, or improvises without providing anything written ahead […]

Today, Pope Benedict and Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams met and prayed the Ora Media, or midday prayer. Pope Benedict’s statement: In the present context, however, and especially in the secularized Western world, there are many negative influences and pressures which […]

A NYtimes article on an interesting-sounding new Italian film: "Francesca wanted to decant reality into something that wasn’t a documentary,” said Mr. Barbacetto, who has covered many Italian corruption scandals for Il Diario magazine. “At the same time, she wanted […]