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The Telegraph, of course: The Pope has shocked theologians and opened a chink in the theory of papal infallibility by saying that people should feel free to disagree with what he has written in his latest book, a meditation on […]

Here’s a 15-minute interview on Vatican Radio with Dr. Rowan Williams. Interesting reflections on Anglican-Roman Catholic dialogue, female bishops, his talk on St. Benedict, and, finally, his talk today at a prayer service in rememberance of seven Melanesian brothers, Anglican […]

I said in a post below about the whole idea of constantly molding and fixing the Mass to shape the perceived "needs" and "character" of the community…"it doesn’t work." A couple of people took issue with me, which is good. […]

In "Boo" below, Peter Nixon writes: The other day Amy talked about people who say things like “I’m not a liturgical hardliner, but…” I certainly would put myself in this category. I’m not pining for a return to the Latin […]

One of the constant temptations of this blog is to slide into "pick on the parish" mode. It’s so easy. Like fish in a barrel, she said imaginatively, even though National Cliche Day was long past. There is such a […]

Actually, it wasn’t the grown-up Living Faith, but rather the equally excellent Living Faith for Kids. The writing is a bit simpler, I suppose because I can very easily slip into "think like a child" mode. It’s a daily devotional, […]

…in more ways than one. The assassination of Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel was "an operation trying to kill the hope of the people," said Father Joseph Abu Ghazale, parish priest at the Maronite Catholic Church of St Anthony’s, about […]

An anniversary: On a cold January morning in 1506, a spectacular marble statue was unearthed in a hillside vineyard in central Rome. The sculptural group depicted Laocoon, a Trojan high priest, and his two sons being strangled by a sea […]

Why was Uncle Junior visiting the Pope? (Of course it’s President Napolitano of the Italian Republic….)

…pray for us! Please! Here’s a really nice page – looks like a student project from the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt. Good links, context on St. Cecilia in music and art.