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From CNS: Announcing the publication Nov. 21, Rizzoli and the Vatican gave reporters copies of the book’s preface and a portion of its introduction. In the preface, signed "Joseph Ratzinger — Benedict XVI," the pope wrote that for decades he […]

…the thing is, if I were still living in Florida, and it was 43 degrees outside, I’m be freezing and complaining and looking for a down jacket. …but up here, I stick my head outside into the 43 degree weather […]

from Greg Popcak, picking up on our discussion below: The Catholic helping professional must, of course, be sensitive to this lived experience.  For the client, it represents the sum total of everything they’ve been through.  But for the Catholic helping […]

Dwight Longenecker, excellent writer, Bob Jones grad, former Anglican priest, married father of four who will be ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood (Charleston diocese) in a few days under the Patoral Provision has really intriguing thoughts on what might […]

I’m going to re-open the bookstore next week, so start thinking about what you want! All titles that both of us have written will be available for sale and signing.

Conversations have already starting rumbling about Professor Arthur Brooks’s new book, Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth about Compassionate Conservativism. A good place to start seeing what folks are saying is, predictably, at Mirror of Justice, the Catholic legal studies […]

They hate us. They really hate us. There has been no shortage of conferences in recent years, commonly organized by the Templeton Foundation, seeking to smooth over the differences between science and religion and ending in a metaphysical draw. Sponsored […]

DAN at Holy Whapping has great suggestions for Advent liturgical life. Of course, it’s a bit late, considering these things often get rolling in October, but parish musicians and their friends: put this in the file. 1. Learn some more […]

Next week’s visit to Turkey will be interesting enough, but this week holds its own newsworthy items. Tomorrow, the pope will visit the Academy of St. Cecilia in Rome, and will, we hope, make some typically harmonious remarks on music. […]

…we’ve had a TomKat free zone. But this was irresistible: The priest of the Italian town where Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes on Saturday  rang his church bells louder and for longer during the couple’s ceremony, to voice his displeasure […]