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In a comment on this post on Archbishop Rowan Williams’ forthcoming official visit to Pope Benedict, William Tighe mentions something he’s heard On her blog, Ruth Gledhill picks it up and runs: The comment on Titus was posted by the […]

Speaking of Leeds, as we did below, the Roman Catholic and Anglican bishops of England and Wales met yesterday and today there. Here’s their statement from today: Statement from Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, and Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal […]

An editorial from America: Among Turkey’s elites there is profound fear of political and cultural fragmentation, particularly of secession on the part of the sizable Kurdish population. Intellectual dissent from the standards of official Turkish identity—by acknowledging, for example, the […]

TIME notices that some religious orders are, indeed, growing… The main article is a look at some women who are entering religious life. It’s not exactly a piece on religious orders that are growing. The focus is definitely individual rather […]

Today, Joseph was telling me, at typically great length, about art class. He was explaining how they had made little pots, and had to paint it, and he decided to paint his green, so he went to green table, and […]

So, the pediatrician tells me that she is shutting down her practice and moving at the end of December. I say, "Oh, that’s too bad." She looks almost abashed and says, "I got an offer I couldn’t refuse." "Where?" "Orlando…" […]

The blogger CourageMan looks at the bishops’ document on ministry to homosexuals, and is impressed and grateful.

The big 3 are online now. pdf files.

Going on now…if you’re watching and would like to comment, please do. I won’t be able to watch any more. I did just catch Bishop Bruskewitz getting up, right off, on the general document – quoting Ratzinger over and over […]

This is startling – or not. Years ago, a friend of mine commented that there was a hidden "epidemic" of strokes among young women who used birth control pills and (usually) smoked as well. Although the former, in patch form […]