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To benefit a Rwandan orphanage The calendar, to be released Nov. 23 by the Catholic magazine Famiglia Cristiana, features 14 photographs of Pope Benedict taken in August at the papal summer villa in Castel Gandolfo. The calendar will sell in […]

The Nativity Story will premeire….at the Vatican. The Nativity Story will become the first film ever to premiere at the Vatican, the film’s distributor has announced. The film, which is due to be released December 1, will be shown on […]

Heard on the radio while I was walking (it’s 71 degrees here today!), at the top of the hour. I’m not sure if it was the local news guy or a national feed. But here’s how it went down: (Archived […]

Over at Mere Comments, Lee Podles posts on an article in Der Spiegel about a Hungarian Cardinal who was an informant for the Communist government for decades: Not only was Paskai informing on his fellow priests, the majority of the […]

After that whole Swiss debacle a couple of days ago, we’re a little behind on figuring out What Does The Pope Really Say? So, in the interest of catching up . the VIS summary of what he REALLY said to […]

Speaking of Gashwin (sort of – see below), John Allen spoke at the University of South Carolina last night, and has reflections: Finally, a young woman from Belgium, whose name I unfortunately didn’t catch, wanted to press me on what […]

A Christian Science Monitor story on a priest who has taken on a unique task: The confessions that Father Patrick Desbois receives don’t come from his parishioners. They are not made behind closed doors. They don’t even come from his […]

Various statements, interviews and such have been coming from the French bishops all week, as they have met in Lourdes. Their comments have only served to deepen the mystery of exactly what is going on with this rumored "Freeing of […]

Today is the feast of the Dedication of the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome. Why? It’s the Pope’s church, as Bishop of Rome – so, in a sense, it’s the parish church of every Catholic. Today the Church […]

Give a listen to Sunday’s Early Music Show on BBC3: Lucie Skeaping visits Eton College in Berkshire to look at the Eton Choirbook, the most outstanding choirbook to have survived the Reformation. She is joined by Jeremy Summerly and they […]