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A brief profile of a parish in Arlington, VA. Of just as much, if not more interest is the video with the article, in which the gentleman at the center of the piece – Dr. Thu Bui – tells the […]

Religious and Ethics Newsweekly has posted their streaming video of the report on the All Saints Vigil at the Dominican House of Studies Video of the homily – well worth a look, about 15 minutes of your time. And while […]

More English Catholic news: Peter Snow and Ralph Grimston met a grisly end atop York’s Micklegate Bar. The pair were last seen gazing down at passers-by in the street below. Their severed heads had been attached to spikes. Since that […]

Glastonbury, a small town in the south of England, is a center of mythic/mystical/neopagan activity. A sort of Lilydale or Cassadage across the Pond. Last weekend, a group called Youth2000 sponsored a retreat in Glastonbury that drew about 300 attendees. […]

An unveiling in Germany: Catholic priests and monks, the bulk of them Polish, who were killed by the Nazis in a concentration camp near Berlin were commemorated Saturday with the unveiling of a stone sculpture in the presence of Cardinal […]

Today, Pope Benedict offered a Mass in Suffrage for Cardinals and others who died over the past year. Here’s a brief report from Vatican Radio – just a minute or two, but you can hear the Pope reciting some of […]

Today, the Baltimore Basilica – the first Cathedral in the United States (although not in the Americas, of course) will reopen after years of restoration work. The historic Baltimore Basilica, built from 1806-1821, was the first great metropolitan Cathedral constructed […]