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Been parenting for a long time here, years – decades – during which things that would horrify the uninitiated – years without a full nights’ sleep? Packing a small suitcase every time you leave the house? Diapers? And diapers? And […]

Magister looks at the Post-Regensburg landscape, seeing hope for dialogue, and includes a portion of an article by Cardinal Bertone from the new issue of 30 Days, that will introduce their reprinting of the Regensburg Address: The crucial prelude for […]

Hope in New Hampshire: Seven years ago, Moses Wani was a refugee from war-torn Sudan, where many of his family had been killed. When he came to Manchester, he was aggressive and acted out physically, grabbing for the things he […]

It’s been iffy all day – including with comments it seems.

10 French bishops make their views known: Réunis, le 25 octobre 2006 à Lons-le-Saunier, dans le cadre de l’Instance Régional Évêques Prêtres, les évêques de la Province ecclésiastique de Besançon et les évêques des diocèses concordataires de Strasbourg et de […]

Interesting times: After Wisconsin’s Catholic bishops weighed in with a letter to support a marriage amendment to the state’s constitution, Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan said he was eager to "encourage, educate and exhort" parishioners without actually instructing them how […]

The very controversial faith schools plan recently floated in England has been abandoned: Education Secretary Alan Johnson has abandoned plans to force faith schools to accept more pupils from non-religious backgrounds after fierce protests from Catholics. Mr Johnson announced last […]

A little more than a week away – the word from South Dakota is that the abortion ban is losing in the polls by a few percentage points, Planned Parenthood is pouring money into the state – the main group […]

A new statue in Toledo The area Polish community celebrated a national hero Sunday, dedicating a statue at Saint Adalbert parish honoring the late Pope John Paul II. Hundreds showed up for the event, that displayed hometown pride to one […]

The cause for Fr. Isaac Hecker, founder of the Paulist Fathers, has been started, according to Gashwin (currently in formation with the CSP’s) , who quotes from the Postulator of the cause: Father Isaac Thomas Hecker has begun the canonical […]