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January 1, 1970 Archives

Matthew of Whapping got interviewed by NPR today on Rumors of Indults – What happened was NPR sent a little news team down to St. Agnes on 43rd Street to do a parishioner-in-the-street interview. And I was the parishioner. This […]

John Allen reports on a report: Pope Benedict XVI is set to name a Brazilian cardinal known as a longtime supporter of the liberation theology movement to a senior Vatican post, according to an Italian news report today. Writing in […]

A recent missive from the Bishop of Madison, Wisconsin: The question arises, does some of the music routinely sung embody the incorrect overemphasis on the presence of Christ in the assembly, so that people are confused as to the importance […]

It’s not flawless, because nothing is, but this article from the Allentown paper sets a decent standard for coverage of the maybe-impending-indult. It even addresses the "what to call it" issue: While most of the old rite is in Latin, […]

For some reason, the Scottish Church just keeps jumping on the radar of late. Today, it’s this: THE leaders of the Catholic Church in Scotland have descended into an extraordinary public spat over claims by a "rogue bishop" that they […]

Today during the Sunday Angelus, the Latin text of the prayers was shown on big screens in St. Peter’s Square (they put up those screens for major events) – In St Peter’s Square, on a sunny day reminiscent of summer, […]