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Is this the most exhausting off-year election ever? Or is it simply because the pace of information just continues to speed up and the amount of it we can access just multiplies. I’m just an observer,  and it wears me […]

This week in Rome, military ordinaries have gathered this week for a conference. Archbishop O’Brien, head of the U.S. Archdiocese for the Military Services spoke: While a Catholic military chaplain’s ministry always will center on celebrating the sacraments — in […]

Fr. Jay Toborowsky has a great new blog – I’d point you to the posts on a NYTimes article from today about renovating the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, as well as his thoughts after a funeral for two […]

I’ve pulled this from the comments – from Fr. Elijah, truly worth a post of its own, as I think you will agree: As a boy training for serving at the altar of God Who gives joy to my youth […]

Bishop Blair of Toledo has a column clarifying misunderstandings about the focus of All Souls’ Day, November and Catholic funerals. It is this last category, the souls in purgatory, who are the special focus of the month of November. Except […]

Hospitals…including one Catholic system in the Southwest – getting on board with offering free care to the uninsured, particularly those with chronic problems, who end up in the ER all the time.

Last week, Matthew at Whapping at a good post on these matters liturgical, giving us some historical perspective: While more regulations from Rome may help, it’s not the ultimate problem, which is the re-emergence of a vital and yet respectful […]

As you know, last week saw a large gathering of representatives of the Italian Church in Verona. Pope Benedict gave a lengthy speech on Thursday morning, and celebrated Mass and preached later in the day. An official English translation of […]