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Here’s a rather nice story about Eddie Cipot, once a pitcher for the Mets system (mostly in the minors) now…something else. He recalled, too, that even in his dissolute years in the minors something had inspired him to find a […]

Comments have gone to sleep for the night.

Yet another USCCB draft: Contraception introduces "a false note" that disturbs marital intimacy and contributes to a decline in society’s respect for marriage and for life, the U.S. bishops say in a draft document that will come before them at […]

Covington bishop bans Right-to-Life group from distributing literature. Foys confirmed Wednesday that he mentioned Northern Kentucky Right to Life in one of his regular letters to priests. "They are not a part of the Diocese of Covington. Our Pro-life Commission […]

Which does Islam need? Ted Olsen rounds up the opinions. Better to see a Muslim Council of Nicea, said Paul Krugman in The New York Times. "I’m all for a respectful dialogue between Islam and the West, but first there […]

We’ll be posting a lot on the South Dakota referendum as well. Here’s a piece by Jonathan Cohn from today’s New Republic page on one ad campaign: Here’s the ad, which features doctors giving various individual statements, and then, jointly […]

Keep up with CNS’s new feature, which highlights interesting stories from diocesan papers around the country. Such as a piece on a group in Phoenix that helps women in high risk pregnancies that require serious, total bed rest: The group […]

The gradual reveal of info related to the November bishops’ meeting continues with today’s summary of "Happy are those who are called to His Supper" – the document about worthiness to receive Communion. The CNS account: "In order to receive […]

As we previously mentioned, Benedict was in Verona yesterday, closing out the Italian Church’s big national gathering. Sandro Magister summarizes his lengthy talk here: Dear brothers and sisters, we must now ask ourselves how, and on what basis, […] to […]

They need it.