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Here’s something that’s needed. A manual for inter-religious dialogue: The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue will release on Friday, October 20th a “manual” for dialogue between the Catholic Church and other religions according to the teaching of the II Vatican […]

…continue the discussion down below as well – I’m especially interested in the Rite v. Mass conversation down there – but take this from RP, and dialogue with it: In the Classical Catholic Mass, the entire service is conducted in […]

An interesting new book: Information: A Purdue University medieval scholar is taking a "beautiful" look at how art, history, literature and philosophy relate to the Holy Eucharist, a Catholic sacrament. "Interpretations of what it means to ‘eat beauty’ have been […]

It does seem as if *something* is coming – as discussed here over the past couple of weeks, the signs and statements from folks who are involved in these issues tell us that there’s a document – or two! – […]

A resignation: Jesuit Father Anton T. Harris resigned Oct. 12 as Seattle University’s vice president for mission and ministry after local news media reported that he was accused of sexually harassing a 25-year-old Jesuit seminarian in the mid-1990s. Both Jesuit […]

The Milwaukee paper picks up on the buzz about Dolan going to NY after Egan’s retirement. WCBS-TV in New York reported Monday that Dolan is one of a handful of prelates whose names keep popping up as a possible successor […]

Patrick Hynes and Jeremy Lott in USA Today: It must be rough. Even so, we think Christian conservatives should take solace in the fact that most of their critics don’t mean a word of it. As proof, we offer Exhibit […]

A priest down in south Florida named in a suit alleging abuse 2 decades ago is removed. One of the two accused priests, Gustavo Miyares, was the long-standing pastor of Immaculate Conception parish in Hialeah. He resigned Oct. 6, the […]

During the past several General Audiences, Benedict has been offering catechesis on the 12 Apostles – this week, he gets to Judas: But why did he betray Jesus, asked the pope, listing all the various speculations mooted throughout history. “Some,” […]