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…of Fr. Foster, the "Latin Lover." – from Catholic News Service Though Father Foster’s Latin classes at the university had been enormously popular, most students had not been paying for the course, according to the staffers and Father Foster. The […]

I’ve pulled this from the comments – I know we have lots of readers up that way. Any answers to this question? There are four large works of outdoor art done as some kind of ceramic on brick on a […]

Today is the feast of Ignatius of Antioch – Sometimes, people who don’t know a lot about early Christian history, but would like to know more, are intimidated by the prospect of reading the writings of people who lived so […]

One step closer: Cardinal John Henry Newman’s cause for sainthood will take a significant step forward Nov. 9, with the formal closure of the diocesan phase of an investigation into a miracle in Boston attributed to the 19th century English […]

Pat Kenny sends along this linK; Your readers may be interested in the following… David Quinn, a well known Catholic commentator and journalist here in Ireland debated Richard Dawkins on Irish radio last week on the reasonableness of religious belief. […]

At least liturgical. The Vatican publishes the public liturgical calendar for the rest of the year:

Charlotte Allen’s review of the doc: Meanwhile, back at diocesan headquarters, everyone, and (apparently) especially Mahony, seemed to be in thrall to the popular 1970s notion that psychotherapy had replaced old-fashioned notions of crime and punishment, and that talking to […]

Perhaps you’ve been following Madonna’s latest shpping expedition. Sharing one’s wealth to help poverty-stricken children in Malawi: good thing. Taking a child who has a father from his home into a radically different environment in which, let’s just admit, the […]

Call to Action conference in Milwaukee listed on USCCB calendar of events. (A calendar which, as a commenter notes, is fairly sparse in the first place) Update: Gone from the listing now – thanks to a reader who called the […]

Two stories: Emily at Holy Whapping has a post up about the redesign/restoration of Sacred Heart Church in Peoria – rather amazing. And then, from down South – St. Mary’s Church in Helena, Arkansas had a mural on its back […]