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A reader wants to know about any possible speakers for an RC woman’s faith-sharing group in the San Francisco area: Not much money available to reimburse speakers, sothey should probably be in the San Francisco area;male or female speakers are […]

…from Islam. The coauthor of a new book: Q: Is there a pastoral program for converts from Islam? Paolucci: The Italian episcopal conference has prepared a document, "Catechumens Converted from Islam," written by Walther Ruspi. There is in fact much […]

Rocco reports on the public outcome of the meeting with Cardinal Egan today. A statement from the Archdiocesan priest’s council: We are appalled that the letter was sent anonymously, and that it can and has been used by those who […]

Williiam Tighe has a helpful post on all of the various bodies of American Anglicanism.

"Fired" from the Gregorian? He’s famous in the Vatican. His name is Fr. Reginald Foster, O.C.D., a Carmelite priest from near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was a student in Rome in the early 1960s, was ordained there, and has lived there […]

A new page from Catholic News Service – featuring interesting stories from CNS clients – diocesan papers, etc. Worth a bookmark! And remember – John Allen is posting every day now – today with an interesting story about a mosque […]

If you watched the canonization Mass yesterday, you noted that the Gospel was chanted first in Latin, then in Greek. This isn’t an innovation – it’s a standard element of the Pontifical High Mass, as offered by the Pope – […]

Michael has a review of Tom Craughwell’s book, a review with which I concur. It’s good for young people to read, as well.

A Telegraph article about some problems: The Vatican has demanded financial details from every Roman Catholic diocese in England and Wales after Church bureaucrats left a bishop £10.2 million in debt. Archbishop Faustino Sainz Munoz, the Pope’s ambassador to Britain, […]