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Various: The BBC/Panorama special on "Sex Crimes and Vatican" is posted on Google Video New blog: "Dear God, This is Kelly" "The Euthanasia Blues" – a song and video at YouTube Here’s the creator’s website – Norman Kunc, a Canadian […]

Much of the Catholic blogosphere has been abuzz the past couple of days with news of Rod Dreher’s announcement of his chrismation in the Orthodox Church. There are two posts- one longer than the other – on Rod’s blog on […]

A 1-hour cartoon on the life of John Paul II – "Friend of All Humanity" – is being released this week. Produced by Cavin Cooper Productions in Barcelona in cooperation with Vatican Television. The trailer is available here. All we […]

English text of Benedict’s homily at today’s canonization Mass: Four new saints are proposed today for the veneration of the universal Church: Rafael Guízar y Valencia, Filippo Smaldone, Rosa Venerini and Théodore Guérin. Their names will forever be remembered. In […]

2 bits: On the recruitment of Polish priests to serve the growing Polish population (commented on here before – the Polish population of England is growing as well, presenting a spark and a challenge to the RC Church all over) […]