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Here’s a must-listen – well, perhaps for some of you. Today’s Early Music Show on BBC3 featured a program recorded in August on location during the Elche Mystery Play in Spain. Host Catherine Bott and expert David Ward give background, […]

Joseph reports they are talking about spiders in school. He remembers that he owns a book on spiders, and gets excited about taking it to school and sharing it with the class. He also gets excited when he remembers that […]

Pro-Life feminists have consistently pointed to the opposition to abortion by 19th and early 20th century woman’s right advocates. A few months ago, a Feminists for Life member purchased Susan B. Anthony’s home and has put it in the care […]

"Recovering Dissident Catholic" blogger (from St. Joan of Arc, no less!) Cathy of Alex points us to an LATimes article from last week about the South Dakota abortion referendum campaign, and how the pro-life tactics have thrown the other side […]

From Gregory the Great, in today’s Office of Readings: There is something else about the life of the shepherds, dearest brothers, which discourages me greatly. But lest what I claim should seem unjust to anyone, I accuse myself of the […]

CNS story on the popularity of the Pope’s writings. The missing piece in the article (except for the last paragraph in the section I’m quoting)  is the question of language. In what language are these books and booklets being produced? […]

Big mess in the Archdiocese of NY- a letter of dissatisfaction circulating among priests, calling for a vote of no confidence in Cardinal Egan, with now a meeting for Monday called by him. – Rocco’s been covering it, and the […]

Photo Source Coverage Central – at the Archdiocese of Indy newspaper blog – many links to stories and other sources for coverage, including a blog from the Sisters of Providence. Bios of the beatified – scroll down to October.