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No state welcome for Pope in Turkey. The Turkish Embassy in Rome said today that no special welcome ceremony is planned when the Pope arrives in Ankara next month. There will be a red carpet, but no military honors. And […]

As was the case in the spring, rumors about "something" having to do with permission for the Tridentine Mass have started to heat up of late, mostly on various Catholic blogs, both in the US and in Europe. The rumors […]

Supremes will not hear it: The Supreme Court on Tuesday turned aside the case of Sandra Cano, one of the women behind the legalization of abortion, who had sought to reverse the victory she won 33 years ago. Cano says […]

Read Fr. Z’s post – it might help. It’s not about Limbo, per se, but about Benedict’s method: On a personal note, years ago when I worked in the Palace of the Holy Office, a couple days after he released […]

A new addition to the Vatican Museums: Visitors to the Vatican will soon be able to descend into an ancient world of the dead, a newly unveiled necropolis that was a burial place for the rich and not-so-affluent during Roman […]

The NYTimes series on religious insitutions and government regulation continues: The conflict in South Bend echoes disputes from Alaska to Florida that raise the following issue: As religious organizations of all faiths stretch their concept of mission far beyond traditional […]

The young man who killed Italian priest Fr. Andre Santoro in Turkey: A Turkish court today sentenced a 16-year-old boy to 18 years in jail for the murder of the Italian Catholic priest Fr. Andrea Santoro, killed last February in […]