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The NYTimes is running a 4-part series on the issue of religious organizations and government regulation. It begins today with an overview: Religious organizations defend the exemptions as a way to recognize the benefits religious groups have provided — operating […]

Rod Dreher on the Amish and forgiveness: What sets hearts apart is how they deal with sins and tragedies. In his suicide note, Mr. Roberts said one reason he did what he did was out of anger at God for […]

A few days ago, we linked to a CNS story on various Catholic voting guides that are out there. Today at Mirror of Justice, the blog dedicated to Catholic legal theory, Robert Araujo, S.J. takes a look at one of […]

A few weeks ago we discussed The Century in Which Catholic Churches discovered electricity – and proceeded to line various architectural features with glowing bulbs, to various effects. The parish we usually attend here in the Fort has such an […]