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You have…lots of apples. Hmmm. Well, we had applesauce earlier this week, and today is the day to make a dent in the rest of them. I’m not up for pastry, so today will be apple bread and apple muffins. […]

My good friend Meggan  – next to whom I stood many times in college singing Lord of Glory, Sing to the Mountains, Blest be the Lord etc…(and enjoying it very much, I have no problem admitting) raises the question of […]

Jody Bottum’s very long look at the Catholic Church in the US – the organizing metaphor is quite apt, especially since the piece climaxes, more or less, with a look at some recent events in the Diocese of Orange. There’s […]

Here’s a very, very helpful comment on music – our topic of the week – many thanks to the reader who took the time to write and share this: I have been reading with much interest the thread about the […]

The Palm Beach Post on a financial scheme of the two accused plus another priest. In his own defense: Greeted by police set to arrest him on grand theft charges at Palm Beach International Airport last month, the Rev. John […]