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January 1, 1970 Archives

The American Papist on the amazing-disappearing-coverage of the Turkish hijakers: Headlines along the lines of "Plane hijacked to protest Pope’s trip to Turky" were given top billing at all the major news outlets. As soon as new information came out […]

An excellent, concise column from the Irish Exaxminer on the BBC/Panorama special: Many canon law experts agree that this document did not prevent bishops from reporting abuse cases to the secular authorities. In so far as they did fail to […]

Two really fascinating post over at Mike Aquilina’s. The first concerns an archaeologist who used the ruins of Syrian ghost towns to re-connect Syrian Christians to their heritage: Dr. Loosley discovered that the local Christians knew nothing about the history […]

Eve style: The Church is such a tabloid religion, so willing to get down in the gutter and start punching, so willing to bring the Cross to the people. Mysteries without secrets; an up-front and brazen faith. And if you […]

Well..maybe not everyone. Just some of us. (and in a good way) Check it out. Oh, and in viewing that video, I discovered a rather extensive subgenre of YouTube videos – of late term babies kickin’ it up inside their […]

This is important: a group of parishioners from St. Patrick’s in Palm Beach Gardens has gone public with documents showing that they repeatedly expressed their concerns about Fr. Francis Guinan’s handling of finances in their parish to the diocese. (Guinan […]

Today, we remember Blessed  Fr. Francis Xavier Seelos, C.Ss.R, born in Bavaria, but associated with the United States – he joined the Redemptorists especially to minister to immigrants in this country. Blessed Francis attended seminary and was ordained in Baltimore. […]

Ed Peters has an interesting ongoing list of known excommunications of various types over the past 20 years or so

The Supreme Court reject the appeal on the constitutionality of that "Be a Muslim for a Month" public middle school unit. The suit challenged the content of a seventh-grade history course at Excelsior Middle School in Byron in the fall […]

Sandro Magister reprints commentaries on the Regensburg lecture from two Muslim scholars, one supportive of Benedict’s point, and the other not so. Nayed reproves Benedict XVI for, among other things, trusting experts on Islam who are “hostile” toward this religion. […]