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The comments in my music post below are all excellent, well-informed and interesting. I’m just going to pull one, though, because it’s particularly helpful in understanding why we are where we are. The comment is from Fr. Augustine Thompson ,O.P., […]

I have been planning to do a well-thought out, sourced post on this topic, but, let’s just go the slapdash and probably garbled route instead, a decision inspired by reading this post at Mary Jane Ballou’s blog. No, no, no […]

For weeks, Andrew Sullivan has been teasing us with hints of his about-to-be-published book, The Conservative Soul, with the added drama of the need to pulp the entire first print run because of misplaced pages.  I was interested to run […]

A priest of the Underground Catholic Church reflects on his vocation: How is faith transmitted in our province? There are many ways, but one of the most important is the family. Despite many challenges, faith is still transmitted within Catholic […]

That’s all I could think of as I consider the horror in Pennsylvania, coupled with that in Colorado last week. What possesses a person to victimize the innocent, to terrorize, brutalize and kill those who have absolutely nothing to do […]