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January 1, 1970 Archives

Henry Kissinger, in the area for other meetings, will meet with Benedcit tomorrow at Castel Gandolfo Also, via the Papa Raztinger Forum, an analysis of the Monday meeting from Il Giornale: But Benedict XVI said more, in a sense going […]

At the USCCB: The first interesting point is that a part of the restructuring plan involves cutting the diocesan assessment to the USCCB by 16%. Under the plan, the "diocesan assessment" — essentially a tax that each dioceses pays to […]

Today is the memorial of St. Vincent de Paul, extraordinary servant of the poor. Some links: The Catholic Encyclopedia article on St. Vincent Most intriguingly, the Vincentians have a Wiki-type site with LOTS of articles. It’s a really excellent use […]

The questions about exactly what the deal is with the "bishops" ordained by Milingo on Saturday are still unanswered.  At this point, I’ve not seen anything really substantive, looking at all the elements in one spot, but for now, check […]

A quite interesting essay from Down Under about the Jesuit mode of education in the Early Modern Era, and its possible application to the present: A Jesuit education culminated, ideally, in the higher study of philosophy, science and theology, but […]

Using Cantonese opera to evangelize in Hong Kong: Father Edward Chau King-fun, during his talk in the middle of the concert, identified three qualities common to evangelization and opera singing. The priest, who is knowledgeable in Chinese culture, said an […]

Here’s the 2006 "Catholic High School Honor Roll" – determined by I don’t know who based on I don’t know what – but the advisory board is solid, including presidents of not only the usual suspsects like CUA and Creighton, […]

Today’s General Audience: The proverbial “unbelief” of Thomas is of comfort for all who have doubts and uncertainties, while the questions he asked Jesus about his divinity give “us too the right to ask Jesus for explanations”. With this modern […]