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January 1, 1970 Archives

A case with a twist: The nun was in a panic when Aliquippa police officers came to take her report of a mugging. The missing cash meant nothing — the 78-year-old had her wallet snatched years earlier on a mission […]

A short but helpful look at the role of reason in Islam, part of a larger package at MercatorNet This took place over an argument, already begun in the seventh and eighth centuries, about the status of reason in relationship […]

Unimpressed at the Colts/Jaguars game.

Woman kills boyfriend, then herself. And reportedly utters a clue to what might have driven her over the edge: Laura Grunas, a Plantation police officer, argued with her boyfriend Robert Peat on Aug. 4, and police had to tell her […]

A NYTimes travel piece takes you there, noting that some relative political calm has made travel more possible: The most revered Aksumite kings were Kaleb and his son Gabremeskal (literally, Slave of the Cross), who spread Christianity from the royal […]

Those of you interested in Graham Greene will want to read this lengthy piece from the Times Literary Supplement on Greene’s Catholicism, refracted through the prism of the writing he did for the Tablet. 

Von Hagens at it again; from Ruth Gledhill’s blog: The story, which came in from a freelance, is that campaigners are protesting against a new crucifixion documentary featuring a real human corpse hung on a cross and anatomised by the […]

…cause the Catholics are providing them with so many leaders. Terrence Berres points to the new director of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee: convert from Catholicism Which follows up on last week’s buzz about the new head of the Islamic […]

Not really – an interview with physicist Dr. Stephen Barr The interview touches on many matters of interest, including, naturally, the origin of life. Here’s a pertinent passage that deals with a subject oft discussed around these parts: Critics […]

Milingo excommunicated: from the Vatican website (in Italian) The English version at the Vatican Information Service: "With great concern, the Holy See has followed the recent activities of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, emeritus of Lusaka, Zambia, with his new association of […]