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I think what I’ll take away from the Legatus conference more than anything else (aside from the revelation that Kate O’Beirne is really tall….) was the music at the liturgies. It was provided by the Schola Cantorum San Francisco, which […]

Prelates from the Global South have written with a proposal. Pontifications has basic links and comments More at Christopher Johnson about what is called the "Kigali Communique" Christopher links to a very interesting commentary on this Communique, one that takes […]

I saw this headline in the AZ Republic, and I thought…this is newsworthy…why? 35 people confirmed as Roman Catholics in Latin rite But then I saw…ah…the story is about celebration of the sacrament (for 35 people, ages 9-17) at the […]

There was an interesting policy change in our diocese this summer, promulgated, I believe, on Corpus Christi. I heard about it, but couldn’t find it in writing anywhere at the time, so I forgot until recently, when our pastor announced […]

Robert Araujo. SJ comments on two recent addresses by Archbishop Michael Miller, Secretary for the Congregation for Catholic Education, in the US – at BC and Creighton. At the moment he wrote his post, the texts of the speeches hadn’t […]

A CNS story: The current prefect of the Vatican Secret Archives, Father Sergio Pagano, said in a Sept. 17 article in the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, that the documents offered "a fascinating survey" of the Vatican’s diplomatic dealings at such […]

Dayton-area peeps, remember that I’m speaking at Dayton’s Theology on Tap[, September edition, this coming Thursday, 9/28. Details are here. I’ll be speaking on sort of beyond-the-DVC, pointing out the power of fiction to guide us in exploring great questions […]

A new online Catholic discussion group/board, this one sponsored by Sophia Institute Press Savvy Catholic is a casual place for informed Catholics (and curious non-Catholics) to meet and learn from one another, by discussing their faith, sharing stories about their […]

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised, from William Saletan at Slate: Several U.S. fertility clinics admit they’ve helped couples deliberately select defective embryos. According to a new survey report, "Some prospective parents have sought [preimplantation genetic diagnosis] to select an […]

Jonah Goldberg might take some heat for this one… This quest for a Muslim Luther centered on the understandable hope that such a person could reform Islam toward liberalization and modernization, just as Luther supposedly did in Europe. The problem […]