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George Weigel in the LA Times: Responsibility for challenging these distorted views of God and the distorted understanding of moral duty that flows from them rests, first, with Islamic leaders. But too few Islamic leaders, the pope seemed to suggest, […]

Just passing some points along… If you live in Victoria, BC, check out the new Edith Stein Society, which kicks off its efforts this weekend with talks from George Weigel. Speaker Gil Bailie has a blog – because of the […]

Carl Olson does a flawless job of dissecting a Baltimore Sun article filled with experts declaring Benedict’s academic blinders, professorial awkwardness and basic lack of People Skills. Take it, Carl: So, let’s summarize so far: • Benedict doesn’t realize he […]

Two interesting notes from today, September 20. It’s the memorial of the "Martyrs of Korea" – 103 of the many martyrs that country produced: For centuries, Korea was closed to all outside influences, and all contact with foreigners was forbidden. […]

A former Curial staffer clears it all up: Jesuit Father Tom Michel, who served on the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue from 1981 to 1994 as the Vatican’s top expert on Islam, writing in the Turkish political journal Yeni Asya […]

Holy Spirit Interactive has a page on "Our Lady of Arabia" In 1956, Bishop Stella sent a petition to the Holy See to proclaim Our Lady of Arabia, Patroness of the Vicariate Apostolic of Kuwait. The following year, granting the […]

…to Pop Culture! There was a time, ages and ages ago, when the start of a new television season just grabbed me – of course, I was fifteen at the time, but still. I’d grab up the TV Guide fat […]

From Australia: Cardinal Pell has labelled the response of some Australian Muslim leaders to the issue as "unhelpful", singling out the responses of Sheik Hilali and Ameer Ali of the federal Government’s Muslim Community Reference Group as being "unfortunately" typical. […]

There’s lots today. Blogger Rich Leonardi had a commentary in the Cincinnati Enquirer yesterday. Blogger Patrick O’Hannigan analyzes in the American Spectator: If the only response to that from Muslim authorities is that it is rude even to ask such […]

We’d wondered if the glassed-in Popemobile would be in use at this week’s General Audience. Nope: What he said, especially about ManuelGate: Looking back at the stages of his visit to Germany, Benedict XVI said: “A particularly beautiful experience for […]