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A statement from Communion and Liberation: In regard to the attacks against Benedict XVI by Islamic exponents, Fr. Julián Carrón, President of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, has issued the following declaration: “Concerning the accusations against Benedict XVI, three […]

So the reader who passed on this link to a podcast – part of a new podcasting venture from the Catholic Information Center in DC. jokingly entitled his email. It’s called the "K Street Podcast" and the program he draws […]

An American Life League update on the situation posted at Catholic Exchange – : When the South Dakota abortion ban was passed, Planned Parenthood instantly realized that a legal challenge of the law could actually result in the reversal of […]

This from a Notre Dame student: I am an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame, and I wanted to mention that I have started a Gregorian chant schola that will besinging at a mass in the Alumni Hall Chapel […]

Jim Wallis and Ralph Reed at Beliefnet – which is hosting Wallis’ blog (actually it says "Jim Wallis and friends". So anyway, Wallis and Reed are discussing values voters and politics. Ralph Reed? As in…tainted by scandal Ralph Reed? That’s […]

I give up. But this one has a broader implication and will interest many of you – Der Spiegel interviews Cardinal Kasper (thanks MK!) SPIEGEL: Why is dialogue with Islam so difficult for the Catholic Church? Kasper: There is no […]

Prepare to be astonished. The article link is from 2005 – a bit more, including more links, from Wikipedia. The essence is this: on some land 20 km outside of Madrid, a man is building a cathedral. (okay pedants…no bishop, […]

First it was Duel of the Seminarians: Now it’s this: A new CD, "Lost in Ecstasy" from the seminarian-band "Priestie Boyz" – (There are mp3 excerpts at the link) About the band members Their blog In case you’re not familiar […]

A couple more. In a separate post because that last one was plenty long enough, and these take a slightly different angle: In the Chicago Tribune, Paul M. Cobb is an associate professor of Islamic history at the University of […]

Probably not. But at least we’ll a wrap-up a bunch of commentary in one place. It’s a lot. Benedict the Brave – today’s WSJ: This is not an invitation to the usual feel-good interfaith round-tables. It is a request for […]