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SIrius Satellite radio launches its Catholic Channel on September 26. Huge kudos to Lino Rulli for landing a great timespot – 5-8 pm eastern every day – including the weekends? I’m not sure. But whatever the case – that’s fantastic. […]

Do go to AsiaNews for stories – they post about 5 or 6 a day on matters Asian  – several today in which you’ll be interested. An overview of reactions: On behalf of the World Union of Muslim Ulemas, Qatari […]

The Turkish bishops who met today confirmed the Pope’s trip’s still a go: The bishops of Turkey today followed Ankara’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Abdullah Gul, in confirming that the visit of Benedict XVI will take place as planned, from 28 […]

That is the question being asked by many, including some Catholics on the ‘net: Mark Shea: Some of my readers take umbrage when I suggest it was a blunder for Pope Benedict to have used a cite that was bound […]

There are hints, here and there, articulated most crassly in that Al-Jazeera cartoon, and more subtly in the Newsweek piece blogged below – what they all have in common is contrasting John Paul and Benedict, which is, of course, a […]

Kathy Shaidle wondered if Christopher Hitchens was having to recalibrate his enemies list. Nope To read the bulk of the speech, however, is to realize that, if he had chanced to be born in Turkey or Syria instead of Germany, […]

Gerald of the Closed Cafeteria scanned some images of that Al-Jazeera animation that’s running now. Here’s the climactic moment: Thanks, Gerald!

A Pope’s Holy War – That’s the title of Jon Meacham’s Newsweek piece on the contretemps. Once again we ask…who’s fomenting discord? The point is, as is the case with much of the analysis, grandly missed. Meacham thinks he addresses […]

From the website by Justin Raimando, whose background is libertarian/paleoconservative and in recent years: During the 1992, 1996, and 2000 presidential elections, Raimondo supported the campaigns of Pat Buchanan, both as a Republican and in the Reform Party. Being […]

Magister’s column also has quite a bit of perspective on the trip to Turkey. This is one of the best summations of the situation there that I’ve seen. Pass it on. The dialogue was not a mere academic exercise. What […]