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Christopher Blosser of the Benedict Blog reminds us of the speech that Benedict gave in his meeting with Muslims last year in Cologne. It is in this spirit that I turn to you, dear and esteemed Muslim friends, to share […]

Terry Teachout posts: Readers interested in the works of G.K. Chesterton will remember that he owned a toy theater about which he wrote on many occasions. The Catholic Lending Library of Hartford is deaccessioning fifteen drawings made by Chesterton (who […]

Today is my daughter Katie’s 15th birthday, and to celebrate, I took her down to Cincinnati to see the touring production of The Light in the Piazza (today was the last day in the Queen City – from here it […]

There are several good roundups (noted below), but as has been the case with many past controversies, Roman Catholic and Anglican, the Web Elves are hard at work, and will undoubtedly continue. Go. Lots and lots of links to news […]

More here From the Curt Jester Both via Relapsed Catholic

Peter Robinson provides background at the Corner: Manuel II Paleologus reigned as emperor of Byzantium from 1391, the year in which he is believed to have composed the text from which the Pope quoted last week, until his death in […]

Comment, post links here. This blog post – already seen by Michelle Malkin’s readers – will start things off. A British blogger went to Mass at Westminster Cathedral today. 100 Muslim protesters outside: Unfortunately after Mass today at Westminster Cathedral […]

Use this thread to comment on what the Pope said in the Angelus address today, as well as anything else he or his people have said in relation to the topic. Links: The Pope’s original address in Regensburg (Vatican English […]

Here, comment on media coverage of the Pope/Islam business. How’re they doing?

A bit on the show later, but for now, as I try to catch up, I’ll just open a couple of open threads. Please comment, leave links, etc. And stick to the topic of hte thread!