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David Warren: While I don’t mean to pick especially on the BBC, when other mainstream media are often as culpable, they are worth singling out here to show the amount of sheer, murderous evil of which this taxpayer-funded network is […]

Here: And while I am on the subject of ironic forms of public protest, what would happen if leaders of the kicked-off-campus Georgetown University chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship applied to the leadership of the Jesuit school for permission to […]

There’s much of it in the comments below – I’ll just pull this, from long-time reader and wise commentor Julia in this thread: Note the circumstances of the Byzantine Emperor’s remarks. He is at his military camp outside Constantinople – […]

Ruth Gledhill’s TimesOnline blog post today, commented on by Gashwin Gomes here. She really drops the ball on this one: An initial sceptic, I came round fast to Benedict XVI after seeing the way his honesty and spirituality shone through […]

1. What happened was that the media wrote headlines like "Pope takes private time after slamming Islam." Period. Considering that none of those protesting a presumed association between Islam and violence by burning the Pope in effigy, attacking churches or […]

Just a few notes so far, with a bit of repetition, which I will hope you will forgive. First, the text of the Pope’s Regensburg address is here. Cardinal Bertone’s statement from today – in English and Italian – is […]

A statement from Telesphore Toppo, archbishop of Ranchi and president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India. This is the time for all Christians to be patient and pray for those who do not understand. The situation which comes at […]

Churches attacked in West Bank and Gaza: In a phone call to The Associated Press, a group calling itself the "Lions of Monotheism" claimed responsibility for those attacks, saying they were carried out to protest the Pope’s remarks in a […]

Michelle Malkin with the fully expected news of photos and death threats: Also a link to Robert Spencer at Jihan Watch explaining the "Mr. Pope, Be Within Your Limits" banner Look at that sign. "Mr. Pope be with in your […]

Rod Dreher, at his Beliefnet blog, takes on the NYTimes editorial: (His annotation in bold) In 2004 when he was still the Vatican’s top theologian, he spoke out against Turkey’s joining the European Union, because Turkey, as a Muslim country […]