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January 1, 1970 Archives

Joseph got a toy that, among other delights, can have its parts re-arranged so it’s a minotaur. I have explained to him several times what a minotaur is, and he likes his toy. Except he can’t remember the name. He […]

…the Vietnamese angle: A drive through eastern New Orleans can be thoroughly depressing. Abandoned businesses with shattered signs and homes with punched-out windows line silent streets. It can be difficult for outsiders to get their bearings in this part of […]

Of course, although it was a quotation and not His Holiness’s own words, it’s worth pointing out that he obviously did choose an unusually vivid and obscure quotation. Had any of us heard of this emperor before, besides Matthew? In […]

Daniel Larison: But the difference between the two conceptions of God is not something that would require you to dig up Manuel II’s dialogue or be familiar with the intricacies of Islamic theology.  The crucial difference is that for Christianity, […]

…tear down this wall…or something. I am fairly sure the first word on this banner is, "Pops:"

Coincidentally, AsiaNews reports on the itinerary : The programme of the apostolic voyage is now official and on Monday 18 September, members of the Bishops’ Conference of Turkey will come together in Istanbul to define the final logistical details. Two […]

Egyptian-born Jesuit Samir Khalil Samir puts the events of the week and the day in context, at AsiaNews: Rather than criticising Islam, the Pope is actually offering it a helping hand by suggesting that it do away with the cycle […]

As blogged here a few days ago, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia will be the site of an event in which victims of clerical sexual abuse will speak of their experiences to priests and others. There is more about the event […]

Reported at the Papa Ratzinger Forum: Mario Mauro, vice-president of the European Parliament, said in a statement today, "Let us defend the Pope without ifs or buts, let us defend reason," in answer to the reactions from the Muslim world […]

…gee, thanks Your Holiness. Nice first day on the job… Photo source From VIS, on this morning’s ceremony in which the reigns of State were passed from Sodano to Bertone: In a brief greeting addressed to the Holy Father, Cardinal […]